To be DPM – not just cabinet experience

I receive a comment by one of my readers a couple of days ago:

1. cresma – January 19, 2009
Man for man, i still think Muhyiddin is better than both ali and muhd taib.
maybe ali is better in public relations but muhyiddin has the more experience in cabinet and state.

cabinet and state is where ali is lacking. for muhd taib, well.. too much bad reputation will not be a good thing for umno. And he gives out the perception as even more dumber than ali.

Ali just needs to have a really competent team behind his back should he is elected as the deputy president.


My reply:

Hai Cresma,

For the post of DPM, despite (DAR) Ali’s undisputed track records and his recognized qualities, you were of the opinion that TSM is a better choice because he ‘has more experiences in cabinet and state.’ Definitely you’re entitled to your opinion and must be respected. I won’t dispute TSM’s wider experiences either.

Admittedly, while Ali does lack in cabinet experience, however, his state experiences are aplenty.

Concomitantly, I wish to reiterate the followings:

1. more experiences = longer years of service but not necessarily = excellent capability / track record; what are TSM’s outstanding track records?

2. limited experiences do not necessarily lack potential capabilities. Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush were only state governors (equivalent to Ketua Menteri) before becoming USA’s Presidents while Obama yet to complete his first term as a Senator. Tun Hussin only had 4 years of experience as a minister (May 1969 – August 1973) before moving up as a DPM and 2 years + as a DPM before assuming the post of PM (15 January 1976). He was recognized as Bapa Perpaduan.

3. to be a DPM, one has to have other qualities besides experiences. To win the 13th. General Election (more important than winning the UMNO election), the rakyat’s expectations / demands will be much more exacting. Failure to meet these expectations / demands will end up in revisiting Kuala Trengganu. However, I’m confidant that (as explained in earlier articles) a strong leadership in DSN, with the help of DAR as a working general as well as a trusted and popular deputy, will deliver the needed victory.

4. to be successful, all leaders need capable and competent teams / advisers; not just DAR. Tun M had an excellent team and just look at Obama’s team – Team of Rivals like Lincoln’s. In this regard, the unique characteristic of DAR as compared to earlier UMNO leaders is that he has the proven capacity of appointing better educated advisers / officers such as Masters and PHd holders. In the past, there was a popular joke that if the leader was having an SPM qualification, he would only appoint LCE / SRP / PMR holders as his advisers.

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