My response to Doodle : IF I were the PM…

One of the readers submitted a comment the other day. It reads:

From – doodle – March 1, 2009

According to you, which current crop of politician that we have now fits the bill to lead the nation out of this current economic recession? what criteria must najib use to pick his finance minister? his MITI minister etc.

Are you confident that our financial and economic woes will be overcome by the ones we see now?

If you have a wish list, who do wish to see in the upcoming cabinet?

thank you.

My response : 

Dear Doodle,

Thank you for your response.

1. According to Paul Getty, “in times of change, experience can be the worst enemy”. Based on this opinion, some of those who have been in the cabinet far too long should be dropped. This could be one of the reasons why Obama was chosen by the Americans as their President and not the old hand of John McCain. In our case, a good example is the 7 measures announced by MITI recently. Nothing new; same old things and won’t be effective to meet the current severe global recession (Jaws of Recession). Why? Done by old hands. Can’t think outside the box. Blue Ocean Strategy? May be they never heard.

2. New hand with a good understanding of ‘the delicate global machine’ (Lord Keynes) should be given the chance to handle the Treasury. Can try YB Tok Pah or Dato’ Ahmad Husni, Deputy Finance Minister. For MITI, Tok Pah is also suitable.

3. To overcome the current financial and economic woes, pls refer to para 1 above. I intend to comment the mini budget.

4. Of course I love to see DS Ali Rustam as DPM for legitimate, pragmatic and consistent reasons. Pls read my earlier articles. I do hope majority of the 2,500 delegates will share my considered view.

5. Again, based on para 1 above, if I were the PM, I wish to see a ratio of 1 (old): 3 (new) ministers / deputy ministers. I’d assemble ‘a team of rivals’ (Lincoln / Obama) but they MUST accept that there is only ONE tiger on the hill. I’d give more attention to at least 4 requisites – Loyalty, Integrity, Competency and Accountability (LICA). It means my ministers must voluntarily resign if, for example, they failed to satisfy this standard / benchmark.

Thank you.


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