Sound bites – Rojak 1

1. I just want to keep my selected twitter messages in my blog; with elaboration, if necessary.

Dropping of race & religion

2. Race & religion must be maintained in all official documents. They are constitutionally protected. Implementation of related constitutional rights could be hindered if they are dropped. For example, Article 153 cannot be implemented if there is no legal proof that such a person is a Bumi or not. Having ‘Muslim’ name doesn’t mean the person is a Muslim. DS Idris Jala is a classical example. Please visit

3. DS Samy Vellu vehemently objected the plan by University of Malaya to change from Indian Studies Department to Indian & South Asian Studies Department. Very clearly, the word ‘Indian’ still remains but he wanted exclusivity; only and only ‘Indian’ even though the proposed change does have a strong merit. The Cabinet cowardly agreed.

4. According to him, the change “will have serious repercussions.. it was the Indians who contributed to the department’s existence and it is also our pride”.

5. Ironically he didn’t object about dropping of race and religion in official documents. No serious repercussions? No pride to be Indians? Hypocrisy of the highest order.

6. Voices of Malay leaders opposing the proposal were muted either. May be the Malays do not contribute anything to the existence and independence of this country and, hence, they have no pride to be Malays and Muslims.

7. Let’s us wait in which direction the Cabinet will decide.

Political tsunami

8. On 28 August – Political tsunami is coming. LDP, Japan is predicted to loose heavily after 54 years in power.

9. On 30 August – Political tsunami had really swept Japan. LDP lost badly. BN/UMNO must learn fast to avoid the same fate. Do remember your party is not invincible. Kuomintang (Taiwan) and the Congress Party (India) had already suffered the same fate.

10. In order to win, the first strategic move is for UMNO to clean and cleanse its image and unite the Malays under its wing. Take good care of these constituents. MCA and MIC must do the same.

DS Idris Jala Appointed to the cabinet

11. DS Idris Jala has been named as a cabinet minister in charge of PEMANDU to monitor the KPIs/KRAs. Congratultions. He is the most ideal person for the job since no one else in the entire government service (including TS Koh Tsu Koon & KSN) has such an outstanding credential, according to the PM.

12. DS Idris Jala had a proven track record in Shell and MAS. It is recognised that he managed to turnaround MAS from a deficit (2005) to a surplus (2007). Congratulations. However it was reported that MAS is forecasted to incur huge losses in 2009. Is it true? If it is true, please explain.

13. Some did say that he should be just the head of PEMANDU, like the head of PMU that monitors the Stimulus Package and thereby helping DSN to keep his promise of a smaller cabinet.

14. He could be the first minister in the world to be answerable to another minister, Tsu Koon (less capable than him!). In other words, he is equivalent as a deputy minister but getting all the perks of a full minister.

15. According to some, being unique, he is a suitable candidate to be nominated for the Guinness Book of World Record Award!

Amanah Saham for Urban Poor

16. 100 million units of Amanah Saham for the urban poor was widely reported on 29 August. I do support such an initiative but please don’t forget the rural poor who are in much larger numbers. Why are they not given the same benefit?

17. Please remember that more poor Malays are in the rural areas and more poor Chinese are in the urban setting. The sincere aid, hence, could be misconstrued as menat for the non-Malays. The fact that The Star gave the news a front page status (29 August) and Utusan only placed it somewhere inside clearly indicated the ‘body language’.

18. The PM ought to be sensitive to people’s reaction and be seen as being fair to all races. Please visit my comments in

19. Together with other initiatives, it gives the perception that PM is all out to help and win over the non-Bumis and (perhaps unintentionally) antoganising the Bumis under this win-loose formula. Can a win-win situation be engineered?

Real unity & harmony

20. I totally agree and support DS Ong Tee Keat’s exhortation that we should move forward from having superficial inter-racial and religion interaction to having real unity and harmony among the people.

21. Are you serious and sincere or only offering lip service, DS? If absolutely serious and sincere, let’s start with one school system and dismantling all SRJKs (C).

  1. #1 by satD on September 2, 2009 - 10:31 am

    Salam Darah Tuah

    A few things i hope you can clarify…

    Firstly why would you want to support the distribution of Mutual Fund Units to poor people (irrespective of urban or rural)?

    Mutual fund by design is for folks with excess money and is looking for a medium term instrument of investment with low price volatility….the potential returns are not really that great

    Do you think the returns from the mutual funds annually can buy these families a decent meal for one month?

    These people are poor and would probably be in debt especially for the urban poor(what is the defn of urban poor in My?)…..if there is no lock up period then most probable step for them is to liquidate at the earliest opportunity….so what is the so called benefit of the policy action then?

    How different is it from handing actual cash to these “poor” people

    I’m with you on the “race” data attribute for official documents, taking out a key data attribute in which a large number of policy action depends on will make data mining activities extremely difficult.

    Even if one were to put in a learning system to analyse the data based on an investory of Malay Names,Chinese Names etc…the whole mapping process will waste a lot of unnecessary time…

    lets not go into the massive potential abuses if a Chinese began naming its child officially with A Malay name and claims the respective benefits under the constitution….they are known to utilize every loophole including temporary conversion to Islam for the sake of retaining custody of a child

    take care ….nice blog you have



    • #2 by darahtuah on September 8, 2009 - 1:21 pm

      Dear satD,
      I’m supporting the distribution of Amanah Saham PNB for the poor as an additional instrument to help them in the form of safe investment – fixed price and certain returns like ASB or ASD.
      For the daily life, they are being supported thru’ other ways. As in the case of Melaka, DS Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam, The Chief Minister, separated them into 2 categories – (a) economically productive and (b) economically not productive -after conducting a census.
      For the 1st group, the enumerators asked them what do they prefer – working, doing business, etc. They are being helped accordingly by various govt agencies like KEMAS, RISDA, MAIM, PEMBELA, etc, in line with the philosophy of ‘teaching how to fish’.
      For the 2nd group (the elderly, OKU, acute sickness, etc), they are given either financial help or monthly ration by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, MAIM, etc, in line with the philosophy of ‘giving a fish’.
      I trust Melaka was the pioneer in developing this systematic and structured database on the poor.
      Of course, there are still a number who might miss this safety net (E Eari, E Kasih). NGOs and individuals should help/act like a bridge between these agencies and this disadvantaged group. Pertubuhan Kesejahteraan Ummah (I’m the President) is doing this job.
      Regarding data mining of race .. I agree with you about the difficulties and inherent inaccuracies. I’ve gone thru this some 20 over years ago. That’s why I’ve to alert the government. Avoid a stupid and same mistake for the 2nd time.
      Thank you.


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