Sound Bites – Rojak 2

Bagan Pinang O Bagan Pinang

1. Now the political lens/telescope/micrscope is focused on Bagan Pinang. A lot have been said even before the nomination day (3 October). The latest was the old tactic of autocratic Mr Samy trying to ampu bodek the PM by telling off Tun Dr M not to interfere in the decision to select the candidate.

2. This Mr Samy has to understand a few things. First, everyone has the right to give his / her opinion as enshrined in Article 10 of our Federal Constitution, subject to certain conditions.

3. Second, Tun Dr M did not interfere in the decision making; he only offered his humble opinion as a concerned citizen and respectable statesman. Who is Samy?

4. Third, the PM had already made it public that the government (including him) does not pretend to know everything; hence information and opinions are welcomed. So why are you sibukking? Sour grape? Has an axe to grind?

5. By putting the right candidate, I believe BN will win the by election, albeit, with a lower majority. However, if TS Isa is selected, many ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ will be brought into the open. In the process DSN could be implicated as well; potentially more dramatic and spicy than Permatang Pasir, according to certain sources!

6. According to informed sources, TS Isa had been extensively counseled on this issue. The consensus should be ‘not that we love TS Isa less, but we love BN/UMNO more’.

7. Concurrently, the BN ought to be cautioned about a possible shrewd political game plan though. The Chairman of Hindraf (20% of the electors are Indians) and the President of Hua Zong (11% of the electors are Chinese) might advise the Indians and the Chinese electors respectively to vote in the BN candidate with a thumping majority, if they were cunning enough. [The Indians and the Chinese have no respect for MIC and MCA respectively anymore!].

8. Their common objective would be to make BN mabuk and send them to cloud 9. After this big win, the UMNO leaders will be mabuk tapai, the MIC will be mabuk todi and the MCA will be mabuk samsu – busy claiming whatever they want to.

9. The real battle is the 13th General Election. After this combined mabuk, BN would be unguarded and, hence, could easily be defeated. This was what Sun Tzu had preached:

Take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness, make your way by unexpected routes, and attack unguarded spots.

10. Bagan Pinang O Bagan Pinang! BN O BN!

Samy O Samy!

11. Tun Dr M did realise that he had served so long and accepted the fact that he was no longer that popular after 1998. Hence, he gracefully decided to retire by announcing it at the end of 2002 UMNO General Assembly to the surprise of his audience, all Malaysians and the world! Remember Rafidah rushing to the stage, pleading and crying? He finally stepped down on 31 October 2003. Tun Abdullah was much more popular then.

12. Tun Abdullah also had accepted his tragic fate and finally stepped down under intense pressure and humiliation on 3 April 2009. He should have shouldered full responsibility by stepping down immediately after the poor performance of BN in the last general election even though his performance in 2004 general election was par excellence.

13. Samy should have resigned long time ago due to many fatal / costly failures of his ministry and his party (MIC). Three examples are

(1) the land slide near the Genting Sempah Tunnel to Genting Highland on 3 June 1995 causing 20 deaths and 22 injured,

(2) failure of MRR2 and

(3) mismanagement at MAIKA Holding

14. Nevertheless, losing the Sg. Siput seat to a political lightweight (MP M. Jeyakumar) and heavy loses of MIC candidates on 8 March 2008 still failed to become ‘the last straw that breaks the camel’s back’ and make him quit the MIC President’s post.

15. He refused to accept any responsibility for the debacles; instead he blamed natural disaster, GOD, UMNO, Tun Dr M and others. He should have learnt from DS Ali Rustam in responding to caustic criticisms. His reply to DS Nazri’s nasty condemnation of him was indeed very magnanimous. [Nazri, Rafidah, Mahadzir and Johari should respond to Tun Dr M’s remarks].

16. He is also not polished enough to accept responsibility of the slipper garland fiasco. He refused to admit that he failed to stop M. Sukumaran from continuing his speech, reprimanded him there and then and informed the Assembly that the unbecoming remarks (equivalent calling Indians as Keling) be expunged from the record.

17. Now he felt sad because Tun M (and many others felt the same) had told him on his face that he is a liability to MIC and BN. Yes, in the yesteryears, he was indeed an asset (with the help of Yun Dr M); but now Samy is worse than a spent bullet! Using his own analogy, he is now an old, ugly and sickly husband; almost the same fate as Tun Abdullah.

18. Still failed to read the big and bold writings in capital letters on the wall, Mr Samy?

19. Samy O Samy.. if you do love MIC / BN very much, please resign gracefully and immediately. You are being kind to all of us by resigning now, Mr Samy.

Indonesia O Indonesia

20. Indonesia, as a nation and all her people, if continue to behave stupidly, will go to the drain. If the minister and the President cannot think and act maturely and pragmatically what can one expect from the ordinary citizens? Hence, where the country is heading to? Definitely, it will be going to the drain.

21. Firstly, the Indonesian and their president must humbly recognize that, in historical records, there was such a vast area called Kepulauan Melayu (Malay Archipelago) / Alam Melayu (Malay World). So it must be emphasized that there was NO such an area known as Kepulauan Indonesia / Alam Indonesia.

22. It roughly stretched from Philippines (east) to Madagascar (west) and from Sri Lanka (north) to Cocos Island (south). It was the colonialists that parceled the Archipelago under their respective territories and became what they are now after gaining independence.

23. Of course the Malays are heterogeneous – Malay, Javanese, Bugis, Kampuchean, Balinese, Batak, Minangkabau, etc. But, they have a common root, freely sharing and borrowing many ‘common products’ and a high degree of assimilation .

24. Based on this historical perspective, no sub ethnic group can or should claim exclusivity over certain cultures, folklores, languages, songs (like Rasa Sayange; this same song was sung in a Hindi film entitled Singapore), dances etc since whatever originated / existed and practiced in this region rightly and collectively belong to the Malays.

25. Secondly, regarding the pendet dance, the minister and the President should have checked the facts before sending a protest note. Discovery Channel, Singapore had admitted and apologized that it was their fault. Have the minister and the President apologized to Malaysia?

26. Thirdly, it is about our Negara Ku. Indonesians claimed that we stole from their song, Terang Bulan. According to certain version, it was a gift from Pres. Soekarno through Saiful Bahari, a great musician. Whatever it was now it is a known fact that the Indonesians who actually stole the song from the French. Here is the quote from Wikipedia:

“Terang Bulan is a song adopted from a famous song during the late 19th century in the French occupied territories in the Indian Ocean. The song was composed by Pierre-Jean de Béranger (1780-1857), a French lyricist.

It became a popular French melody, and was prominent on the island of Mahé in Seychelles. The song’s popularity spread across the Indian Ocean and reached as far as the Malay Archipelago early in the 20th century.

In 1901, it was presented as Perak State Anthem during installation ceremony of King Edward VII.

In 1920s, an Indonesian Bangsawan made the first debut of the song while performing in Singapore. The melody soon became very popular among the people and was given the name Terang Bulan (Bright Moon), becoming a Malay ‘evergreen’, playing at parties, in cabarets and sung by almost everybody in the 1920s and 1930s.”

Perak State Anthem

The Sultan of Perak, during his exile in Seychelles, was aware of the song’s popularity. When Sultan Idris Murshidul’adzam Shah who was the Ruler of the State of Perak from 1887 to 1916 represented the Malay Rulers of the Federated Malay States at the installation ceremony of King Edward VII in 1901, his protocol officer was asked what his state anthem was. Realizing that his state did not in fact possess an anthem, he, in order not to appear backward in front of his hosts, proceeded to hum the aforementioned tune, thus becoming the state anthem of Perak.

Adoption as Malaysian National Anthem

The Chief Minister and Minister for Home Affairs of the then Federation of Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman settled with Perak State Anthem as the National Anthem of the Federation, on account of its “traditional flavour”.

The name was changed to NegaraKu, the lyrics were changed and popular replays of the songs in cabarets and parties were ceased as it is now proscribed by statute. When Malaysia was formed the song remains as the country’s national anthem.

The tune of Terang Bulan was adopted as Mamula Moon song by Felix Mendelssohn & His Hawaiian Serenaders in their album Paradise Isle in 1947.

Terang Bulan by Rudy Van Dalm. one of Indonesian Bands in late 40’s
(original song)

Terang bulan
Terang di pinggir kali
Buaya timbul disangkalah mati
Jangan percaya mulutnya lelaki
Berani sumpah ‘tapi takut mati
Jangan percaya mulutnya lelaki
Berani sumpah ‘tapi takut mati
Waktu potong padi di tengah sawah
Sambil bernyanyi riuh rendah
Memotong padi semua orang
Sedari pagi sampai petang
Waktu potong padi di tengah sawah
Sambil bernyanyi riuh rendah
Bersenang hati sambil bersuka
Tolonglah kami bersama sama

27. Now, who is the greatest plagiarist? A big shame!

28. Indonesians have claimed a few other ‘cultural artifacts’ as theirs – keris, batik, rasa sayange and wayang kulit. If no one tells them to stop this obsession, they may go to the extent of claiming the thrones of Johor (Bugis) and Negeri Sembilan (Minangkabau) and wanted back Kuala Lumpur (Mandeling).

29. However, they do not admit that they did steal Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Keroncong and thousands of Sanskrit, Arabic, Dutch and English words.

30. Indonesia is also accusing us of exporting terrorists (only two – Mat Top & Dr Azahari). They conveniently overlooked a glaring fact that their Imam Abu Bakar Bashir was the bigger terrorist because this imam that trained the two men.

31. They should also know that they are exporting thieves, burglars and gangsters to Malaysia since the largest number of our current foreign prisoners are Indonesians (8,000)!

32. Indonesia O Indonesia!

  1. #1 by Azhar85 on September 22, 2009 - 5:00 pm

    Salam Aidilfitri

    I agree with you…Indonesia doesn’t know their places..


  2. #2 by mohamed on September 26, 2009 - 12:53 am

    Salam Saudara Hidup Tuah.
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

    Yes, so sad these Indonesians.To think that they were once powerful people. And to think of what they can be if only they do not persue the culture of corruptions.



  3. #3 by fhm on September 29, 2009 - 2:51 am


    Interesting topic there..keep it coming..


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