1. Anwar continued to make 16 September a big issue. Of course, his only intention is to woo the support of Sabahans, Sarawakians and non Malays in pursuance of his obsessive political ambition to be the PM.

2. JMD has correctly commented on this issue of Independence Day & Malaysia Day. I have explained the same issue in the Senate in my speech last December 2008.

3. We should respect the Constitution which has unambiguously stated that Merdeka Day is 31 August 1957 and Malaysia Day is 16 September 1963. Both dates are already appropriately respected by the government and the rakyat. Hence, there is no need for Anwar to create an issue.

4. I have also quoted USA which retained 4 July as Independence Day even though Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union on 30 June 1959 and 21 August 1959 respectively. Unfortunately, even Sabah’s ex top civil servant does not seem to have the same spirit as that of the Alaskans’ and the Hawaiians’.


5. The huge unwritten and intangible impact of Anwar’s proposal will be the permanent deletion of historic and significant contributions, sacrifices and glories of the Malay race since the era of Melaka Sultanate (1402 -1511) and the fought for independence since 1511.

Kegemilangan pelabuhan Melaka

Kegemilangan pelabuhan Melaka

6. Indeed the non Malays (Mandaliar and Si Kitul) played a crucial role in the fall of Melaka to the Portuguese but they were never involved in the fighting against the colonialists. They only joined the bandwagon to gain independence after 1950s.

7. This may explain why they strongly supported the Malaysia Day at the expanse of Medeka Day. They wanted the rakyat to forget the glorious history since they have nothing to be associated with and nothing to loose.

8. Knowing his root, it may explain why Anwar made such a ridiculous and unpatriotic proposal.

9. If Pakatan Pembangkang (PP) formed the next Federal Government, please don’t be surprise that it will follow the footstep of Singapore by re-writing our history and changing the history textbook.

10. Under the instruction of LKY, Singapore’s school children only learn the tiny island’s history from 1819. So his younger generation did not know about Temasek and the famous Melaka / Johor Empires.

11. Anwar may do the same. Malaysian history will only be taught from a much more recent date – on 16 September 1963!

12. Anwar O Anwar!

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