Gong Xi Fa Cai!

In the true spirit of 1Malaysia, I sincerely wish my Chinese readers, my Chinese friends, Malaysian Chinese and all Chinese over the world….A HAPPY & PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR … GONG XI FA CAI…

In the midst of our joy and happiness to welcome and celebrate the Lunar New Year, kindly do remember the less fortunate amongst us. As responsible leaders of a cosmopolitan community, together with a caring BN government, we always remember our sacred duty to perform our critical part of helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

On 13 February, I visited Tew Kok Seng, 69 years old; living alone in a house not his own. He is doing odd job. I’m helping him to get a house under the PPRT or PBR scheme.

Mr Tew Kok Seng of Kg Tedong, Merlimau

On 25 and 26 February, with the help of MCA Jasin, as President of People’s Wellbeing Organization (Pertubuhan Kesejahteraan Ummah), I’ll be visiting house to house to distribute ang pows to a number of deserving recipients, God willing. It’s proven that this approach is very effective and more convenient for them.

My sincere wish and hope is that the Chinese community will come back and give their undivided support to the BN Government as they did in 2004.

DSN is very sincere to build a united and prosperous 1Malaysia under the BN umbrella – shelter for ALL. Lets us collectively help him to realize this vision.

1st 2 pictures - giving ang pows to the deserving recepients in Jasin.

visiting Mdm Goh's house in Jasin; trying to help her to get a house under the scheme for the Core Poor (PPRT)

The function was made possible with the good cooperation from the MCA Jasin Division.

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