Caning of 3 Muslim women – Non Muslims please don’t interfere!

1. Three Muslim women were caned after they were found guilty and sentenced under Section 23 (2) of the Federal Territory Syariah Criminal Offences Act 1997 (Illicit Sex).

2. As usual, this kind of unusual event attracted both supporting and opposing views. Unfortunately, even irrelevant Non-Muslims who have no locus standi and have little knowledge about Islam wanted to give their unwelcomed comments.

3. Before Ragunath Kesavan can suggest to the government to abolish whipping, he ought to understand thoroughly about the issue in the context of Islamic Jurisprudence. At least he must first comprehend the explanation given by Datin Dr Paizah Ismail.

4. It’s very naive of him, in this context, to urge the government to comply with international norms and principles on it. What international norms and principles? Who decide? What benchmarks? More importantly, please understand that this is a religious (ISLAMIC) issue.

5. Just to draw Kesavan’s attention. Beef is widely eaten by the people globally. Am I prudent enough to urge the Indians to follow the international norms of eating beef? Cutting and keeping short hair is the international norm for men. Does he dare to ask the Sikh men to cut their hair? Sunday is widely observed as a holiday throughout the world. Does he have the nerve to tell the Jews to change their holiday from Saturday to Sunday?

6. Do you get my point, Kesavan?

  1. #1 by Rusila Abdul Razak on February 22, 2010 - 3:28 pm

    I would urge non-Muslim Malaysians to refrain from commenting, advising or remarking on Shariah rules on caning as a show of RESPECT to Muslims in general and to Malaysian Muslims in particular!

    Please understand that the purpose for the punishment of caning in Islam is to REHABILITATE THE SOUL WITHOUT HURTING THE BODY. The intention is for the offender to realise his/her errant ways and will “Taubat Nasuha” ie will not repeat the “mistake” and seek Allah’s forgiveness and guidance.

    In Islam the concept of “Taubat” is amazing. It means not only to promise not to repeat the “mistakes” but to reinforce the “regret” by continously thereafter to do good “kerana Allah”.

    So please do not interfere if you do not understand.


  2. #2 by keon on February 22, 2010 - 5:25 pm



  3. #3 by Mobius on February 23, 2010 - 2:01 am

    I wish to offer some personal opinion, thanks.

    Your beef and short hair analogy does not make any sense. The fact that beef is eaten internationally and most men had short hair does not mean that they are incompatible with the Hindus or Sikhs or the Jewish people. What matters here is the recognition that people are entitled to their own freedom as long as it does not violate the freedom of others, especially freedom to bodily harm that the law emphasizes in protecting. When the Hindus chooses not to eat beef, they do not violate the freedom of others to eat them. When the Sikhs choose to have long hair, they do not violate the freedom of others who wish to keep their hair short. The caning involves violence to the body of the accused, who is a person no different from any other other human being with the right to be free from violence. For a religious wrong committed by the accused, it seems to have taken too far to say that the right to be free from violence can be subverted to make way for a religious right.


  4. #4 by darahtuah on February 25, 2010 - 11:53 am


    The issue here is NOT about individual freedom; the issue is about observing and practising Islamic teachings.

    Just to purposely draw a similar and controversial comparison. If you’re in Malaysia, under Malaysian laws, it is illegal to engage in anal intercourse even tho’ between consenting adults. Hence, it is not an issue of individual freedom.

    Thank you.



  5. #5 by sputjam on March 16, 2010 - 11:30 am

    sebab apa DUN Perak yang dirakam video bersetubuh dengan gadis dari negara Cina PRC oleh pihak MACC tidak di sebat? Nampak sangat mufti perak memilih pihak dan bukan menegakkan undang-undang syariah.
    Gadis-gadis tersebut didapati salah kerana melahirkan bayi luar nikah di hospital kerajaan. Ini akan menggalakan lagi buangan bayi dan kemungkinan kematian bayi yang tidak berdosa.

    mengapakah Lee Chong Wei, Michelle yeoh dan Nicol davids mengharumkan negara, dan kelakuan pentadbiran orang melayu memalukan negara atas nama ugama?

    kalau perkara ini berterusan, tiada siapa yang akan melabur dinegara ini, lebih lagi dari bidang teknologi tinggi kerana khuatir tahap pemikiran rakyat di Malaysia masih belum matang.

    Kenyataan Kesavan disokong oleh ramai rakyat Malaysia yang berperikemaknusiaan dan untuk mengelakkan dari bayi-bayi dibuang dan ditinggalkan untuk mati.


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