Selamat Meraikan Hari Deepavali

Saya sekeluarga mengucapkan selamat meraikan Hari Deepavali kepada semua warga Malaysia beragama Hindu....bergembiralah tetapi... Ingatlah juga mereka yang kurang bernasib baik....




  1. #1 by sputjam on November 9, 2010 - 11:43 am

    I don’t get it. Why bother distributing packets of rice during festivities to the poor folks? Isn’t this the job of the welfare department in the respective states?

    Our rice, like our beer, is heavily taxed. But the money goes to bernas, not the govenrment.

    being a monopoly, Bernas squeeze the local paddy farmers and can’t be bothered about the cost of buying rice elsewhere, as all malaysian will eventually be forced to buy from them.

    And recent bernas audit report shows that Syed Mokhtar’s personal company owes bernas almost RM700 mil for supplies he did not pay, which presumably, the consumers have to pay in the end.

    After decades of setting up bernas, i have yet to see prosperous paddy farmers. Instead the opposite is true. children of paddy farmers are leaving the livelihood for other jobs and our rice imoprt is increasing. In the north, older paddy farmers lease their fields to thais.

    Last year, Indonesia, once the largest importer of rice in the world, was self sufficient in rice production.

    We will never acheive self sucfficiency by allowing bernas rice distribution monopoly. berna ssteals from the poor, including the consumers, and rewards the rich, their executives.


    • #2 by sputjam bodoh on November 10, 2010 - 12:46 pm

      bodohnya kau ni sputjam..

      nak tolong orang susah pun kau BANGKANG????

      kau ni tak pernah jadi miskin.

      Kau pernah tak berlapar dua tiga hari sebab takde duit nak makan?

      kalau tak tolong orang, kau kata kerajaan tak prihatin..

      bila ada orang tolong orang miskin, kau bangkang pulak..



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