Tidak sampai kepada Allah swt daging dan darah korban itu, tetapi yang sampai kepada Allah swt ialah jalan taqwa mu – maksud ayat Quran al-Haj 37.




  1. #1 by sputjam on November 18, 2010 - 10:53 pm

    In english :
    22:37 Neither their meat nor their blood reaches God, but what reaches Him is the righteousness from you. It was thus that He made them in service to you, so that you may glorify God for what He has guided you to, and give news to the good doers.

    But today’s economics indicate mass wastefuleness in this ritual, and the poor would have preffered cash, as many probably do not have refrigerator to store the meat, unless it is smoked or fried until very dry, like the serunding, or preserve, like what the chinese do to their duck.

    Or as written in the papers today, canned and shipped to areas that needed the meat most, which was invented by australian muslims.


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