Malaya Belongs To The Malays!

For the recollection of those mudah lupa, the original name of this country is SEMENANJUNG TANAH MELAYU or MALAY PENINSULAR. It was not any other name… not Korean Peninsular or Arabian Peninsular or Chinese Peninsular or Indian Peninsular. If Britain rightfully  belongs to the British, France belongs to the French,  China belongs to the Chinese, India belongs to Indians therefore MALAYA rightfully belongs to the Malays. Hence, MALAYS are NEVER pendatang. Shahrom and his species should know this.

If a Chinese near the Mongolian border moved to Canton was not considered as a migrant, an Indian near the Afghan border moved to Madras was not considered as a migrant either, therefore if a Sumatran or a Bugis or a Javanese moved to Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, he was also NOT a migrant, if, of course, one understands the concept of Dunia Melayu / Nusantara. [Note: However, as our Constitution dictates, one must recognise the constitutional  rights of all Malaysian citizens, including non Malay origin].

I received this extract from a very close friend of mine through the email to further confirm this ‘should be non issue’ issue. With his permission, I’m putting this in this blog to be shared with. Tqvm, Dato’.

“Dear All,

 Last weekend, while holidaying in Penang, I came across this book entitled – Hail Penang ! by George Bilainkin. I strongly suggest you all read this book, particularly chapter 21 (the last chapter) entitled – Malaya – for Whom ? This is the chapter that is most relevant to all of us. The first 20 chapters are meant for Penangites only.

Allow me to share by quoting one (powerful) paragraph from the last chapter:

If we take the duty of protecting the Malay literally and intend during our guardianship to make him fit to assume complete command within the Commonwealth when he thinks he wishes so to do, we must remember the cardinal fact that the Malay has the first right to Malaya even if he only wishes to bask lazily there. It is his country, and short of his desiring to commit suicide (which the Koran forbids !) or bringing British administration into disgrace by economic deterioration, he must be allowed to decide how far and how much he will work. The Malay must be the British Government’s first consideration. He must be the last consideration. The affairs of immigrant Chinese and Indians (whatever their numbers) can only be permitted to obtrude when they do not clash with those of the rightful owners of the land. Malaya must be handed back to the Malays, whole.

 Malaya has put her trust in the British people. It is a sacred, unqualified trust.

 For your information, the writer was a British citizen working in Penang as an editor to The Straits Echo in 1929-1930. The book was written/published in 1932 (long before Malaya gained independence and long before racial riots in 1969 which gave birth to the NEP !). The book I read was reprinted in 2010.

 Warm Regards. Happy reading.

Mat Noor Nawi”

  1. #1 by sputjam on September 23, 2011 - 2:42 pm

    Good day all.
    This brit may have brought the issues and it could be relevant in the early 1900’s. But as for me, a malay guy, I was brought up in a multiracial environment and malaya (peninsular Malaysia), to me is a multi ehtnic country.
    In fact, i feel totally lost if I were to live in a malay neighbourhood.

    May I remind everyone that in Sabah and Sarawak, malays are a minority, and if issues of malay domination or upholding malay rights are brought up, it will only split the country up even further.

    There are enough places for malays to lie under the coconut trees in this country without being disturbed. Most of the malay reserve land are so unkempt and ideal places to do this. If the pritority of the UMNo govenrment is to uphold malay interest by makig them financially independent, then a change in the law of inheritance should be top priority.


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