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Apa Maksud Dr Mahathir Sebenarnya

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 5:38:00 PM

safiai saad said…

Well,actually only UMNO members than can decide whether the democratic process should be held or not.Others has no locus standi.

I for once felt that the election of office bearer should proceed as provided by the party constitution. From the past who ever has been involved in UMNO politics that UMNO can be very brutal with regard to the treatment of the losers. Look in 1987 contest,all team B cabinet ministers was replaced without regard to their competencies.In UMNO culture,once you fight the boss,and you lose you are going to pay a heavy price even at Division Level.Rais Yatim,Tengku Razalie,Shahril Samat, Musa hitam,Rozalie Ishak could be the excellent example.UMNO is not the place for the loser.

The malays are in desperate situation where their unity is weakened by the day.Until they united,then UMNO can faced the next election.Dr Mahathir can speak his mind, but look at his record when dealing with his political rivals in UMNO.Ask the UMNO people around.

In conclusion the UMNO malay culture is not ready for top contest. Ground people knew this.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 5:53:00 PM

Darahtuah said…

safiai saad,

Do allow me to make a small correction. I’ve to do some recollection of events happened some 30 yrs ago..Admittedly some details are forgotten.

The split in UMNO in mid 1980s came into the open when Musa Hitam resigned fr both posts – DPM & Umno Deputy President (later he withdrew n retained the latter). He resigned because Tun M didn’t heed his ultimatum not to appoint Tengku Razaliegh as a cabinet minister. Transferring him to MITI fr MOF is not good enough. It seemed that Musa believed in winners take all but Tun M believed in losers don’t lose everything.

It seemed Musa had gathered many supportes and Tun M might lose the confidence vote at the MT meeting. But his fate changed when he produced the hand written letter by Musa (I did get a copy but lost it).

Please remember that Tun M didn’t fire a single minister during that infighting even tho those aligned to Musa openly criticised him and he had the prerogative to do so. And guided by cabinet’s standard, those ministers should resigned as in the case of Tun Dr Ismail. They’re not gentlemen!

Then came 1986 GE. And may all of us be reminded that Tun M did select all strong Team B members as candidates, including Musa, TR, Adib, Rais, etc except one or two like Manan.

Fyi, I did ask Tun M personally why did he still give them the opportunity to contest. He calmly told me that they only didn’t like him but they’re UMNO members and didn’t want Umno to split. Can anyone appreciate his magnanimity?
Because of this honourable stance, Umno won handsomely. In comparison with MCA which had the same problem then, the party lost badly. Why? Because Tan Kwoon Suan killed all his political enemies (Neo Nee Pan & gang) by not selecting them as candidates.

Dr Chua Soi Lek repeated the same mistake committed by Tan. Hence contributing to MCA’s heavy losses in 2013.

After the 1986 GE, does anyone still expect Tun M to appoint his political enemies into his cabinet when they were already on road show to fight him in 1987 Umno election?


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