Kes Anwar Ibrahim Tipu Mahkamah Guna Chegubard

Keterangan dari bekas peguam Anwar Ibrahim:

I refer to above matter.

2. Firstly, kindly allow myself to express my utter disappointment and dismay displayed by our respected law enforcers in handling and investigating my claims and allegations. I state this regretfully and with a tinge of sadness, as to be honest I expected hesitancy and culpability when reports are filed on Opposition Leaders.

3. Unfortunately, due to insistence and persuasion by the general public and my well wishers, I write this letter, not in hope of justice but in the name of respect and honour to the very same syllable mentioned above, JUSTICE.

4. My first claim is that a MC which was obtained with the very intention of cheating and deceiving the Respected Court. The said MC was submitted by Badrul Hisham Shahrin aka Chegubard (hereby referred to as “the accused”) on the behest of a certain Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The lawyers who conspired maliciously, intended fraud and pulled of the deceiving act were Sankara Nair and Datuk Yusof. The firm that handled the matter with regards to Chegubard was SN Nair & Partners.

5. Kindly refer to Appendix 1. It is a screenshot of an e-mail correspondence between Mr Ramkarpal and Sankara Nair. A clear indication of intent to represent Chegubard and discharge themselves as the lawyers of Anwar Ibrahim is apparent here. The date of this e-mail was on the 9th of July.

6. Kindly refer to Appendix 2. After the negotiation and settlements were done with the previous lawyers of the accused, Mr Sankara Nair had instructed me to correspond with Chegubard. I managed to contact him after various attempts and severe efforts by Mr Ibrahim Yaakob. The inability to contact the accused was due to political reasons ie conflict between the previous lawyers and Anwar Ibrahim. Although I managed to contact him previously, as stated and highlighted in the e-mail, on the 31st of July, the accused had gone missing, without informing or notifying the lawyers of his whereabouts.

7. Kindly refer to Appendix 3. The e-mail indicates the change of Court dates. In short, the trial was brought forward from the previous date of 7th of September 2012 to the 3rd of September. Also, it is important to note that the e-mail was received on the 16th of August 2012.

8. The sudden change of date was a fatal blow to the lawyers of the accused. A simple process of Change of Solicitors would not have given birth to any complications legally. However, as the intention was to hide the fact that the lawyers of the accused were in fact previously the lawyers of Anwar Ibrahim on the first day of the trial compromised further steps which are in line with the law.

9. Kindly refer to Appendix 4. After lengthy negotiations between Anwar and Datuk Yusof who furiously had stated that he wanted to leave the trial itself for being shown lack of respect, I was told by Sankara Nair to defuse the situation and send an e-mail to the accused. As instructed, I subsequently wrote an e-mail to the accused to obtain a MC from the 1st of September 2012 to the 4th of September 2012. And, the e-mail was sent on the 28th of August 2012. Such accurate medical prophecy by a team of lawyers.

10. Kindly refer to Appendix 5. The e-mail was sent by a disgruntled Sankara Nair on 30th of August. The lawyers of the accused were unable to reach him for reasons best known to him at that point of time. Subsequently, it is mentioned that a MC has to be submitted or all will be lost. What is meant by “all will be lost” would be further explained if the Attorney General decides to press charges. A blatant attempt to deceive the Court is apparent and crystal clear here. Why such slyness and mischief when it would be easier to file in a Notice of Change of Solicitor? Such venomous tyranny against the usual process of Court in the name of Anwar’s politics is proven undisputedly here.

11. Kindly refer to Appendix 6. The e-mail was sent by the accused to Mr Sankara Nair who subsequently forwarded the same to Datuk Yusof and myself, mentioned as Yuktes Vijay. He arrives from Indonesia on the 1st of September 2012 and states he will be “admitted” on Monday morning. Again, how would someone know their admittance in a hospital prior to any check up is to be seen.

12. The aforementioned events and evidences are not in anyways tampered or doctored. Any such excuse provided or offered is an attempt to dupe, con and deceive the Court.

13. On final note, the evidences have been provided and the events that transpired have been described. The “one and only step” which remains from the time I lodged a police report on the 17th of July 2013 till now is to head to the Court, check the submitted documents on the day of the trial as mentioned above on the 3rd of September 2012 and verify if a MC was submitted on behalf of the accused and as the e-mails suggest, on behest and for the benefit of Anwar Ibrahim.

14. If the aforementioned “one and only step” is a step too many for the Police and the evidences provided by myself is indeed too complicated to be deciphered , I apologize for testing their thinking and intelligence to the limit. If that is the case, God save our judiciary is my prayer.

Thank you.

Di bawah adalah print screen email antara pihak yang terbabit:

Appendix 1 Appendix 2 appendix 3 Appendix 4 Appendix 5 appendix 6



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