Anwar Ibrahim and Yuktes Vijay : The End

“Nazri: IPU report ‘ridiculous, stupid, short-sighted” – The Malaysian Insider, October 23 2010

“Drop Anwar charges, Australian MPs tell Malaysia” – The Nation, February 12 2010

“The charges against Anwar Ibrahim for the offence of carnal intercourse against the order of nature, the criminal trial that followed and the strictures with respect to pre-trial disclosure, show us two things: it is high time such an offence is expunged from our statute books, and trial by ambush has no place in the criminal justice system. This book is a timely reminder that justice is a global concern”.
Christopher Leong
Vice-President, Malaysian Bar

“A contemporaneous and incisive account of a political trial disguised as a criminal case. A must-read”.
Anil Divan
Senior Advocate and President of the Bar Association of India

“Mark Trowell exposes sharply the flawed prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim – an absolute read for every one interested in understanding how and why this happened”.
Rogier  Huizenga
Head of Human Rights Programme
Inter-Parliamentary Union, Geneva

 “An eloquently analysed process of a case, which barely corroborates the judicial independence and the Rule of Law”.
Akio Harada
Former Prosecutor General of Japan

If you read the quotes above, it is blatantly clear that Anwar Ibrahim generates an overwhelming support from influential and powerful personalities and organizations. As stated above, those who show him the support include Head of Human Rights International Parliamentary Union and our own Malaysian Bar. To put it in simple terms, it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that Anwar Ibrahim is a victim of a Barisan Nasional conspiracy. And, Anwar is a reformist who is being punished for trying to change the country.

The opinions of those foreign personalities and bodies made the pro BN groups to question the ulterior motive of them. Some even described it as a way to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia. The truth is the foreign bodies do not want to interfere in Malaysia or make enemies with the Islamic followers.

Barisan Nasional is not hated by international bodies without a reason. They were made to do so by Anwar Ibrahim.

Mark Trowell is an observer with the International Parliamentary Union. He writes reports that will be used or referred to by international countries and bodies. These reports of Mark Trowell will be used to see if indeed Anwar Ibrahim is innocent or it is a conspiracy. After reading the report, they will decide if Anwar is being bullied or if he is really guilty.

The problem is the reports that were submitted are Anwar friendly. It means the report was wrote in such a way that Anwar is made to look like a victim. Basically, the report was written to show Barisan Nasional is a bad government.

All this was possible because Mark Trowell was Anwar Ibrahim’s man. I don’t know if he was paid, given property or women. All that I know is when I was in the defence team, Mark Trowell too acted as one the lawyers of Anwar. You tell me how an observer can act as a defence lawyer. Does it make sense?

Attached below is a screenshot of Mark Trowell helping us to find points and give suggestions as to what to write in our submissions for Anwar’s trial. Yes, he does not correspond with any of our official e-mail. He only does it with Astroboy. Remember that name? (Attached as File 1)

Trowell 1

The research that was done by Mark Trowell in order to obtain documents from prosecution team. This research points of his were then used to be argued in Court. The argument was not accepted by the judge. It was then decided, after discussing with Mark Trowell of course, that we all should submit to recuse the judge ( recuse means remove the judge and replace with a new one).

Why we wanted to do it, and we did it 3 times, so that Mark Trowell can write in his report that the defence team was denied documents, so he was not given a fair trial and they even tried 3 times to recuse the judge. If you are the foreign body reading such a report, surely you will assume that Anwar is not been given a fair trial.

The other things that I have taken note that was omitted/not stated in his reports was

a)         the fact that Anwar and his lawyers lied that he has an alibi when applying for bail. For the record, not even one alibi witness was produced by the defence lawyers throughout the trial ;

b)         the fact that Anwar did not take stand was because he could not answer all the questions that was to be thrown by the Prosecution team. For an example, why was Saiful asked to deliver the documents personally and why Saiful was given such a special treatment by Anwar

c)         in the Sodomy 1 trial, Trowell stated that Azizan is not a trustable witness. He cannot be trusted because he did not do a Statutory Declaration on it. What Trowell did not tell UN or IPU is that Azizan did a Statutory Declaration but it is with Karpal Singh, Anwar’s lawyer in the trial currently.

The 3 facts stated is just a few other things that was omitted by Mark Trowell. In fact, there are a lot more to be listed. I have it all.

Many wonder how we won the trial. Check the e-mail below.

Trowell 4

The above e-mail shows that Mark Trowell telling us that Yusof is planning an appeal. The Yusof mentioned here is the public prosecutor, Datuk  Yusof. Mark Trowell and us are friends. Yusof and Trowell are friends. And immediately after Sodomy 2, Yusof joins the legal team of Anwar Ibrahim. Very very funny right?  Oh and Saiful’s lawyer was in fact a chambering student with Karpal Singh. Basically, everyone from the lawyers to the media and just about anyone in the Court were Anwar’s men.

This has got nothing to do with the fake MC evidence that I submitted to the Attorney Generals. This is a whole new issue. The next issue will be about Mat Zain, the former police chief who always bangs the Government and PM.

Remember, when I speak I produce evidence to back each and one of my claims. You can kill my credibility but not that of my evidence.

What I am trying to do is not put Anwar Ibrahim in jail or kill him politically. He is least of my concern or bother.

I want to clear the wrong impression that the reports by Mark Trowell have been given to foreign countries, international bodies and world leaders. It is wrong and false.

Tomorrow if Anwar dies, he becomes a reformist who was a victim of BN conspiracy. Is that the truth? Is that what Anwar really is? But sadly, that will be how history will remember Anwar. Why? Because the observer wrote a report which is not true.

I don’t know how many of you understand the implications. I do. And I will continue what I am doing.



  1. #1 by sputjam on September 5, 2013 - 7:28 am

    I blame the boarding school for turning men into homos. There is lax enforcement by headmaster of these schools. Normally, the newly recruited enrolled student will fall victim to their seniors. I pity them. Sent by their parents to be sexually tormented.


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