Isu kenaikan harga RON95 – Penjelasan

Isu kenaikan harga RON95:

1. Dlm isu ini tdpt 3 pihak utama: (a) pengeluar (b) pengguna – termasuk saya, dan (c) kerajaan.

2. (a) & (b) menjaga kepentingan masing2 yg berkonflik (maka tak hairan klu mereka tidak memahami satu sama lain) manakala (c) perlu mengharmonikan kedua2nya, di samping menjaga juga kepentingannya (agar kekal berkuasa).

3. Pengguna melenting sbb harga RON95 naik 20 sen (10.5%). Kehendak pengguna: turunkn lg harga.

4. Pengeluar menuntut kenaikan sekitar 30 sen sbb sejak setahun lalu kos tlh meningkat 15%.

5. Kerajaan cuba mengharmonikan kedua2 pihak ini dgn membenarkan kenaikan 20 sen itu (Kerajaan tak janji harga petrol tak dinaikkan sampai bila2). Pengguna bayar sikit manakala pengeluar dipaksa menerima keuntungan yg lbh rendah.

6. Kerajaan tidak bersedia membayar tambahan 20 sen dgn menambah kos subsidi sbb ia akn lbh menguntungkan orng kaya. Kos perbelanjaan pengangkutan (penggunaan) mereka lbh tinggi (15.9%) banding yg berpendapatan rendah (12.3%).

7. Tindakan kerajaan itu mampu menjimatkan RM1.1B pada tahun ini & RM3.3B setiap thn akan datang.

8. Pd umumnya, purata kos petrol isirumah hanyalah 9% drp jumlah perbelanjaan isirumah. Ini bermakna kenaikan kos hanyalah 1% setahun. Bagi mereka yg berpendapatan rendah, ianya adalah lbh rendah lagi.

9. Kenaikan ini akn menyebabkan kos pengangkutan melompat 10% dan inflasi pasti akan berlaku spt pd 2008 tp pada kadar yg lbh rendah.

10. Sebaik2nya Kerajaan turut mengumumkan langkah2 mengurangkan beban rakyat (ini janji BN!) akibat kenaikan ini semasa mengumumkan kenaikan harga tersebut, termasuklah apa yg hendak dibuat utk rakyat berhubung dgn wang yg dikatakan dapat dijimatkan berbilion2 itu!

  1. #1 by sputjam on September 4, 2013 - 11:16 am

    In a normal country, they strengthen the currency to fight inflation. So if oil, which is USD dominated, then the gomen will strengthen RM against USD so oil will be cheaper in their local currency, like what they are doing in Singapore.
    in Singapore, you can still eat at hawker stalls in HDB for S$2.5-3 for a meal, kopi “O” for 60-80 cents. In our money it may sound expensive, but to them, it is the same for decades. low inflation as they are paid in sinkie dollah.
    Now our country is not able to do this because of wastage which weakens our currency Our wastage disappears into thin air, like MAS buyback, sterling fiasco, and disaster in trying to corner the tin market, which destroyed the tin mining industry. All these costs us billions.
    To make matters worse, we continue to protect businesses that burdens the people. These includes IPP’s, local car manufacturers, AP’s for various goods etc.

    So consumer spending will definitely drop when oil price is announced. This will trickle down to the economy and the lowly paid and lowly educated will be laid off, increasing crime.

    The next target, i am sure, will be the EPF. The gomen will need to borrow more. So those employed may not be able to withdraw at 55, or new rules added to make it difficult for them to do so. So old age employed people will find it difficult to finance their children’s education or their medical.
    The spiral downwards is getting more severe due to Dr M’s economic legacy, which i have predicted a long time ago. The effect is coming into us now as the gahmen tried to hide these before, but now find it difficult to do so. I call it Dr M’s forced induced inflation. The rental for the whole of Putrajaya will definitely be something to watch. Offices are charged at RM8/sq ft. Same rate as central KL. I dunno how much they charge for civil servant houses. maybe inflation could be factored into the rental, like our highway toll rates, which increases at 10% every three years if not for government intervention. And to make it worse, govenrment fund like 1MDB bought over certain IPP’s at the end of their contract for billions. It make the country look like fools.


  2. #2 by Ahmad Zakariah Bin Mohd on September 5, 2013 - 7:35 am

    Some good comments but also some bad generalizations. If things are cheap in Singapore why are they shopping and buying food n patrol from Malaysia. If they are so good at their economy …how come they lost hundred of billions US in derivatives during the financial crisis ….that x3 in Malaysian Ringgit. At least we got a brand new city in Putrajaya… our cars are cheaper and we don’t pay ‘000s for the car entitlement certificate… our energy (patrol prices much cheaper than Singapore) Our houses are more affordable compared to Singapore …Why do you think they are buying properties in Johor and other parts of Malaysia ? We have to persuade the private sector to invest billions for the IPP bec the Govt cannot invest lump sums for such investment …of course the private sector want profits for their effort. Yes they chose their friends …to me a small price to pay.

    Have you any idea how much USA bail out the banks in USA and how much they have to borrow because of smart private sector manipulations …and who’s paying.

    I think we have done comparatively well, don’t you think so


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