Hear The Real Singaporean,

I felt so angry at your readers who kept saying that Lee Kuan Yew was a great man who deserve many respect and that what he did in the past was neccessary and that communism is very dangerous. Is it really?

Lee Kuan Yew threw my friend’s grandpa into prison for 20+ years without trial. He was a prominent and generous medical doctor at Balestier road, do you think he deserve 20+ years in prison just because he have a different opinion with LKY?

For your information, those people he thrown into prison are the original founders of the PAP and back then LKY was just a small fry lawyer working for them. He backstabbed them and basically destroyed their future and prime years just because they hold a different political view.

Now, I understand many of you would have great respect for Lee Kuan Yew because you learnt from your History and Social Studies textbook that he was the ‘Founding Father’ of Singapore and without him Singapore would only be a fishing village.

Well, let me tell you that is total bullshit and propaganda written by the PAP. History is always written by the victors, unfortunately ordinary people would believe whatever that is written in their history textbook completely. I would say that more than 50% of the readers at The Real Singapore are retards because they completely believe what they learn about LKY from the propaganda mainstream media as well as their history textbook!

Let me tell you, the British were the ones responsible for transforming Singapore from a fishing village to a vibrant city. Not LKY, all he did was betrayed the founders of PAP, throw them into prison without trail and impose failed “stop at two” policy and close down all the privately owned newspaper company and in the process destroy almost all forms of freedom of speech in Singapore.

Without LKY, we would have more freedom like Hong Kong is now. Is Hong Kong a bad place to live in? Without pressure from China like Hong Kong, Singapore would be one of the best country to live in now.

Are we really the best country to live in now? More than 50% of the Singaporeans being surveyed wants to migrate if they were given a chance to. Singapore is also one of the most brain drained country (Do Note: Serious Brain Drain problems usually only happens in developing countries where the educated people migrate out of their 3rd world country to earn more money outside). 3 out of 10 educated Singaporeans migrated overseas, which means 30% of the money pumped into education is wasted. Oh okay, THANK YOU LEE KUAN YEW for that! Go and speak to any of the malay community in Singapore and they would tell you how much they hate Lee Kuan Yew and his racist remarks!

In the interests of nearly 3000 ex-political detainees so far in the history of Singapore (multiplied ten times if we included their families) who suffered deprivation through loss of their freedom and livelihoods, I would say Lee Kuan Yew was a notorious dictator.

Is Hong Kong a slum or a fishing village? Both Hong Kong and Singapore were the jewels of the British Colony, whatever difference between Hong Kong and Singapore now would be credited to Lee Kuan Yew.

A good blog that recounts all the evil things that LKY and the ISA did can be found here:

Melanie Tan

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