Do we know exactly where we’re now economically? Any comprehensive stock-taking?

Admittedly we’re not at ground zero but do we know where we’re exactly vis-a-vis non Malays in all economic spheres? Do the government/EPU know?

Unfortunately, after 45 years, I sincerely believe the government/EPU still don’t have that stock data. Indeed I’m happy to be wrong on this critical point.

Just one example, do we’ve data on Bumis’ and non Bumis’ equity with management control as per 2014? No such information in RMK11/SP.

Aren’t we too complacent or too ignorant or too ashamed to admit that we actually don’t know where we’re and, hence, we don’t actually know our direction/destination…we just pretend we know or someone else makes us believe that as if we know…???

A very good example is the pursuit of high income economy @ GNI Per Capita = US$15,000 in 2020. What are the Bumis’ and non Bumis’ GNI Per Capita now and would be then?

Do DS Idris Jala/DSWO/PEMANDU/EPU have the answers and can we share the answers?

Honestly admitting this brutal reality means half of our battle is already won. Thumbs up sign


  1. #1 by Sharing of 11 Malaysia Plan Equally on October 10, 2015 - 4:08 am

    Your blog has done a lot towards awakening the native Malays on their incredibly unhealthy situation in their own country.
    For the past 60 years, the natives malays have been mislead by successive United Malay National Organisation leaders that the Federation economy is God made that the Malays must be satisfied with 30% of the pie. Indeed the Malays were told they were lucky if they can make it to 30% and this is after 58 years after driving out the British invaders.

    Idris Jala is just perpetuating the ignorance that you pointed out. Not only that, but the assumption that the natives Malays and Sabah and Sarawak have to work hard and not depend on the Malay government itself is symptomatic of post penjajahan mindset. Idris Jala excused the wide disparity in wealth to miracles that he cannot be expected to make. Don’t expect miracles he said in explaining why the wealth gap cannot be erased or narrowed. The illogical thinking is that the United Malays function is to enrich the Chinese and Indians community! This was never the intention of Tun Razak. The economic plan was for the whole country with the advancement of the natives Malays as main thrust.

    This obvious dichotomy of the malaysian economy is what lead us to a current social inequality currently existing. The fact is that the native Malays owned the land. All lands in the Federation was either owned by the Rulers or malays prior to 1957.

    Gradually with the money that they make from trading their wares from China or India, the migrants population begin to own land. Instead of controlling the means of production, the land, the leaders of the United Malays gave excuses like if the Chinese make money the Government will get 25% tax and the Chinese will get 75% wealth. While the native Malays and bumis will get nothing!
    Or the Youth Leader of the United Malays announced proudly that the Malays must not be jealous of the Chinese! Why the Malays and bumis cannot be jealous of the Chinese when this is their motherland and the Chinese are getting richer? Because he got some shares with some Chinese companies.
    Until you realized that the problem is self inflicted by inferiority complex among the United Malay leaders, you will never solve the native Malays and the Sabah Sarawak bumi economic problem.
    In a capitalist system, capital is paramount. Which the Malays did not have much earlier. But PNB have showed that the Malays now have the capital to owned maybank, sime darby and other plantation. Therefore you must exhort that the time is ripe for the natives Malays and bumist to take control of their own economy. Instead of allocating 30% to the Malays and bumis, we must ensure a more just social system that look after every community and thus allocate 30% for the Chinese community a 9% for the Indian community in line with the size of the community.
    This is the critical and crux of the matter. Until you recognize this you will berbuih mulut going round in circle. What does economic justice means? What does social justice mean? IT means sharing equally. What does a good GNI indicate? Narrow gap in wealth.
    What does narrow gap in wealth means? Sharing equally…
    I am sorry that I have to expound on this at length because for so long the Malays hve been lied and gibberish were told about expanding the cake.instead of taking from others. This is gobbly talk by Mahathir as even when you expand the cake the percentage must change. We not taking from anyone but we are expanding the cake. To close the gap however, the other party must stop growing or grow slower so that the natives party can catch up. But if you allow the Chinese and Indians to expand then the gap will never be close. Get it?
    Can you narrow the wealth gap when your fundamental calculation is based on 30% for 70% of the native Malays and bumis? Do you realize how incredibly stupid that is. What it means is that even when the native Malays and bumis have 30% they will be poor because they have to share with 70% of the population! While the Chinese and Indians share 70% among 30% of them!!
    This show the level of stupidity of United Malay members that we have to face and educate. They have been blinkered by that smooth nonsense talking Mahathir.
    So what is the solution that Idris Jala say is impossible and miraculous? The solution is very simple. Share the wealth!!
    Here are possible policies to ensure that Chinese community don’t gobble up every money making opportunity.
    1. Trust fund like PNB must increase their dividend yield to 16%
    2. Shares in PNB must be shared as equally as possible. Previously minimum shares were allocated free and the yearly dividend would pay for it.
    3. Moratorium on destruction of rainforests. Only PNB can own new forests.
    4. Bauxite, gold in Pahang must be shared by Malays and bumis.
    5. Large trading bodies run by experts import cheap items from china not mydin as umbrella for malay it companies.
    6. Large trading bodies import kilang means of production for Malays companies.
    7. Sugar, cement, bricks must be owned by PNB only not individuals so that PNB yield can be higher
    8. 11 Malaysia Plan must clearly allocate 60% of budget for Malays and bumis enterprise
    9. Division of budget must clearly indicate that. Your concern on our current situation while note worthy but as you say nobody knows. But the 11 Malaysia Plan is the future and we can know clearly how much will go the Chinese and Indians.

    The Chinese and Indians were not even citizens before that and not allowed to own land. But the corruption of the United Malays leadership by the wealth of the Federation enable migrants to gradually own gold mine, tin mines, rubber and now oil palm plantations in large scale.

    So corrupted United Malays leaders were quick to condemn their own people, as they benefited greatly from shares from chinese or indian own enterprise.

    Until you force these idiotic attitude on the Malays to realise the inanity of being ask to be like the Chinese by the so call Malay leaders like KJ and Muhyidin or Ahmad Maslan, until then you will forever be bringing up these issues.

    What you and every Malay have to realised they have gained control of their destiny as proclaimed by Tunku Abd Rahman. It is in our hands. The United Malays National Organisation is running the country and have control over production

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  1. It seems Tun Ling Liong Sik has the upper hand | Jebat Must Die

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